Founding Committee Members

Dr. Lou Chaboudy, Paul Flaugher, Ryan Flaugher, Jennifer Hanlon, Jim Kennedy, Darren Mault, Billy "DawgBert" McClurg, Paul O'Neill, Jim Ridgeway and Bob Vaughn

The society encourages the public to sign the petition for Glenn Presnell's induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, as well as submitting letters of support for preservation of Spartan Municipal Stadium and Branch Rickey Park.

The committee would like to recognize the community members that funded the historical marker:

Nancy Morrison, Paul & Susan O'Neill, Tim & Stephanie Arms, Jim Kennedy & Beth Ann Young, Tom & Judy Queen, Bobby & Leigh Ann Holsinger, Dr. James McGinnis, Cline & Sarajane Jenkins, Bob Rutman, Gerald & Cynthia Jenkins, Eddie Kean, Butch & Carole Kelley, Dr. Louis & Ava Chaboudy, Phil Wood & Cathy Arnett, Mark & Rick Morgan, Steve Mault, Will Mault, Darren Mault, Billy "DawgBert" McClurg, Gib Lawson, Jennifer Hanlon, Dr. Bill & Judy Shannon, Jim & Laura Peach, Paul & Milla Flaugher, and Ryan & Missey Flaugher.